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5 Common Tax Saving Mistakes

For many taxpayers, tax planning is a nightmare, considering the involvement of complex procedures a taxpayer has to go through. There are multiple ways of claiming a tax deduction under

01 April, 2022 by admin 15164
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7 Reasons Review Life Insurance Portfolio

Change is a necessary part of life. We go through different stages of life and our needs and circumstances keeps changing through these stages. You go to college, receive our first salary, get

02 April, 2022 by admin 6873
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Life Insurance Important Asset In Your Financial Plan

Life insurance is a vast subject for one to understand, so let’s keep frequent

03 March, 2022 by admin 10000
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Growing Travel Insurance Market India

As individuals are becoming more mobile, travel has become a part of academic, business, and personal life, exposing people to travel-related contingencies. To

04 April, 2022 by admin 7117
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Irda Incurred Claims Ratio For Year 2018 19

IRDA publishes “Incurred Claim Ratio” data in its annual report. The Incurred Claims Ratio (ICR) helps you pick health insurance or a general insurance

05 April, 2022 by admin 7284
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Traveling Abroad Without Travel Insurance Cover Stop It Can Be An Expensive Affair

Traveling abroad, for most people, has always been an exciting and pleasing experience. But it’s also obvious that you may fall prey to any unprecedented incidence which can ruin your entire

05 March, 2022 by admin 12172
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Best Retirement Planning Tips In India

Getting a job is one of the most crucial stages of your life. You work hard for your whole life to make the future of your every family member safe and secure, but after retirement, you get the

06 April, 2022 by admin 8450
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Beginners Guide To Financial Planning In India

Financial planning is the most important aspect of one’s life. No matter how many plans one makes about career, marriage, vacations, children, etc., nothing will work out well without sound

06 March, 2022 by admin 10194
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Pre Budget Expectations 2020 21

Hon’ble Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman will present her second Union Budget on February 1st, 2020. As the union budget is yet to be presented, the anxieties among the common

07 April, 2022 by admin 12607
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Choose Individual Health Insurance Plans

Sometimes it becomes too overwhelming to make a choice when it comes to buying an insurance deal, especially when one is not comfortable with the technical jargon being used. This is why a

07 March, 2022 by admin 13097
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Reliance Life Insurance Claim Settlement Ratio

As per IRDAI annual report, the latest claim settlement ratio of Reliance Life Insurance Company is 98.12% for the Financial Year 2019-20. IRDAI report on CSR make things favor in customer

08 April, 2022 by admin 7841
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Idbi Federal Life Insurance Claim Settlement Ratio

Table Content

  • About IDBI Federal Life Insurance Co.
  • How Claim Settlement Ratio (CSR) is measured?
  • Past 5 years CSR Trends for IDBI

    09 April, 2022 by admin 14015