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Five Must Have Insurance Plans For Women

Women generally have a tendency to procrastinate when it comes to making financial decisions about their own self. They are so busy juggling home and office, they tend to forget

14 March, 2022 by admin 15245
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Why Buying Home Loan Insurance Does Not Make Sense

Living under the roof of “own home” has always been the biggest dream of every middle class family. It’s one of the biggest investments of anyone’s life too. The day we get possession

15 March, 2022 by admin 9583
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Child Plan Provide Financial Protection Your Children

Countries like India where social security systems are not so efficient, and yet to be revamped, financial security of children is the most terrifying worry for most parents. One of the biggest

16 April, 2022 by admin 13427
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Are Convertible Investment Plan Viable Savings Options

A convertible investment is a financial tool that provides you an option to convert one policy to another policy at a later date. By investing into a convertible plan, you need to maintain a

16 March, 2022 by admin 12552
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Secure Your Childs Future With Child Insurance Plans

Being a responsible parent, you would always give your child the best of everything. Rather than investing on an ad-hoc basis, it is vital to put a plan in place to ensure your child will have

17 April, 2022 by admin 9523
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Car Insurance Policy Helps Save Money

The moment someone talks about getting the car insured, most people have a tendency to consider it as yet another cost. It is like an expense that should be kept at the minimum. People scramble

18 April, 2022 by admin 7043
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5 Ways To Compare Car Insurance Policy

With a number of cars running on Indian roads increasing at an alarming rate, the possibilities of the road accidents are also increasing. It, therefore, becomes inevitable to insure your car

18 March, 2022 by admin 10506
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Insurance Company Goes Bankrupt

Investment in terms of premium in an insurance product is made with the intent to safeguard any future financial risks owing to the sudden death of the insured or for help during any medical

19 March, 2022 by admin 15260
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Zero Depreciation Car Insurance Policy Benefits Claims

Zero depreciation or nil depreciation car insurance policy provides comprehensive coverage for your car against damages caused due to an accident without considering the depreciation factor.

19 March, 2022 by admin 14746
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Icici Prudential Life Insurance Claim Settlement Ratio

As per IRDAI annual report, the latest claim settlement ratio of ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Company is 97.84% for the Financial Year 2019-20. IRDA report gives a better view to the

22 March, 2022 by admin 7533
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Reliance Systematic Investment Plans Sip Product Overview

The basic aim of every investor is to receive reasonable gains without any risks. This is where Systematic Investment Plans (or SIPs) take the stage. The primary reason behind its popularity is

22 March, 2022 by admin 7456
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Increase Your Medical Coverage Without Much Increase In Premium

Prices are rising on a daily basis and medical inflation is rising at a very high pace. No wonder, the health insurance plan you have bought starts looking more and more inadequate to fulfill

23 March, 2022 by admin 7716