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What Can You Do If Car Insurance Policy Expired

Sometimes in our hectic schedules and busy lives we tend to forget some important dates. One of them happens to be the date to renew car insurance and once we forget that, it really becomes an

24 March, 2022 by admin 14957
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Irda Claim Settlement Ratio For 2018 19

IRDAI recently published the annual report for FY 2018-19 that covers the Claim Settlement Ratio (CSR) of life insurance companies in India for 2018-19. The latest IRDAI report that was

25 April, 2022 by admin 12017
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How To Deal With Bad Health Insurance Plan

Nobody buys a health insurance plan thinking it would turn out to be a useless sheet of paper. However, there are a number of cases wherein health policies don’t work as per the expectations

25 April, 2022 by admin 15227
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Contemporary Pension Plans That Give A Good Go

I wonder if one should at all worry about their post-retirement life, because retirement is not something that is going to make your life vacuum. There are excellent pension plans available for

25 March, 2022 by admin 11910
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New Irdai Guidelines To Make Life Insurance Policies More Customers Friendly

Execution of fresh item instructions framed by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA) was one of the most important developments of 2014 for the consumers of Indian life

25 March, 2022 by admin 8473
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Know All About Critical Illness Health Insurance Plan

The incidence of critical illness cases in India has been on the rise. Illnesses such as cancers, cardiovascular diseases, chronic respiratory diseases, and diabetes account for 60% of total

26 April, 2022 by admin 9218
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Nippon Life Increases Stake In Reliance Life To 49 Per Cent

Japan’s Nippon Life Insurance will buy an additional 23% stake in Reliance Life Insurance from Anil Ambani group-run Reliance Capital for Rs 2,265 crore ($342 million), becoming the

26 March, 2022 by admin 12011
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Short Term Car Insurance Coverage

This concept is new for India, but it is quite popular in the US and UK. As a part of these plans, the individuals can purchase temporary car insurance for one to 28 days. Although the features

27 March, 2022 by admin 7727
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I Found Two Old Life Insurance Policies

When Shailaja’s aged father passed away, she and her husband decided to sell the old family home. Her mother had died several years earlier. While sorting through some personal papers, they

27 March, 2022 by admin 7252
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Term Insurance Policy Do You Really Need It

The term insurance plan is considered as the most economical way to get your life insured, but many people don’t put a term  insurance plan in their option of life insurance because there is

28 March, 2022 by admin 13151
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Insured Declared Value Idv

The most important factor while calculating the sum assured for car insurance is the IDV, i.e. the Insured’s Declared Value. It is fixed at the beginning of the policy term for each insured

29 March, 2022 by admin 15051
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Bank Fixed Deposit To Serve As A Tax Saving Tool

Fixed deposit is a financial instrument offered by banks or NBFCs, which allows investors to earn higher interest rates than a savings account. It is one of the most-popular investment options,

30 March, 2022 by admin 12190